Going Within

It’s another wonderful day on planet earth. It’s cold outside and I can hear the hum of distant traffic rushing about on a January Sunday. I am going out soon to visit family.

Before I venture forth (sounds like I am going up the Amazon in a canoe), I am going to sit still and go within. I regard this as fundamental to me as eating or breathing. It’s free, always available and beneficial beyond imagination. It’s my time to unplug from the madness and return to source. I have no tips or advice on how to do this. I decide when I need to pull back, leave the ‘room ‘ and be quiet.

Sometimes it’s difficult because my mind tries to pull me back in. At first that would drive me mad but now I breathe and let that pass. Sometimes I realise I am causing myself more harm by forcing myself to be still. Then I go do something and then come back to the stillness. I like the advice of Thich Nhat Hanh about being in the moment.For example when I am washing the dishes. I dip my warm hand into soapy water and its fragrance wafts up. I pay attention to the sound of the cup splashing into the water and I smile at the clean cup as it soaks. I lift the wet clean cup out of the water and turn it slowly to inspect it. I smile at the pattern and colour of the cup. I feel better already. Ahh to be fully present.

I love to listen to my dog sleeping. That helps me. I love to ‘tune into ‘ the wind, or pay attention to a bird singing, the hum of the fridge. Any of these take me back to this wonderful magical moment and I smile.

I like to know that when I pay attention to this moment I am free, happy and at peace. I am at one with my inner world and what is it saying – I love you

Happy Sunday everyone


If only, what ifs.

No one benefits by acting small.

This has been the message from my meditations over the past few days. How true!

Fear holds us back from achieving our best. That fear can appear in many forms – advice from a friend, reliving a past event …..

But that feeling when we allow ourselves to dream, to imagine our dreams ! Ahh so lovely but …

What would you do if you ignored your fears?  Remember what Goethe wrote (see previous posts).

Have a great weekend. The possibilities are endless, so jump !



If you don’t like where you are, you have to change so everything else changes. You may hate your job, your car, your body but (not butt), change it.

I can hear the protests ‘ it’s not that easy’ ‘if only ‘.

I get that. I understand but look further behind the resistance. What are you really saying? What is really going on?

A possible explanation could be fear. Yep, afraid you may fail and   Better the devil you know.

Or perhaps you don’t believe the situation can change. Perhaps you believe that this is as good as it gets. I could go on and on but I don’t want to feed that dog!

What I do want to say is this. You can change your situation by deciding to do that. Change your thinking now. Decide to change. Send it out to the universe.

You can do it. You deserve a change.

This is for me. I must change the energy, the mindset and get it going.

What is the alternative? More of this moment – No.

Here’s Goethe

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation )there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, thenp Providence moves too.

All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from this decision raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and materials assistance, which no man could have dreams would have come his way


I rest my case.

Mind The Gap !

We all know very well about the Law of Attraction, cause and effect etc. You ask for what you would like from a place of love and then wait for it to turn up. According to the Law, it will turn up ….  That’s the theory ………………

Take a moment and look at what you have asked for and look at where you are now. How wide is the gap between the two – see where I am getting the title from.

I am almost sure that the reason you haven’t ‘got’ what you want is due to some belief you are holding onto.

I asked the Universe this morning what my ‘block’ was and in a tiny whisper came the answer. Belief in the outcome.

To me that means that I don’t believe ‘it’ will happen. That, of course, brings up a lot of supplementary beliefs. Now I could make a big song and dance about all of this but I have decided to go simple. I am not going to feed the lesser beliefs. Nope, I am going to declare and decree (remember I like to be all dramatic about this) that I am being looked after and only good can come to me. I AM worthy and deserving of wonderful things happening to me. I AM invoking my right to be looked after and have all my needs met. I AM allowing myself to accept all the good and wonders of the universe. Thank you.

Today is another beautiful day. I had a delicious breakfast and later on, me and the dog are off for a walk. In the mean time I send you all my love and good wishes.

By the way I am getting out of the way and letting all the good flow into my life right now.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Revalue Yourself

This can be difficult to do.Stop. Now value yourself – what do you REALLY believe about yourself. Is that confident smile hiding a deep sadness? Is the person you are showing to the world, really you?

I read this in a Neville Stoddard book and when I read it I immediately stopped reading. I could not go any further because, for me, this is a crunch question. It plays along the other big question – who do you think you are?

Rather than ‘think’ about the answer, I jotted the virtues or attributes about myself, onto a sheet of paper. What a shocker! I really did not/do not have a very good opinion of myself. But if you knew me, you would not think that because – like everyone else in the world – I am a brilliant actress !!!!

I had another look at my list and divided it up into easy to difficult. Easy means that it looks easy to sort out – it’s not true. For example I had written on my list that I am greedy. This is easy to solve because I can remember my mother accusing me of this when I did an Oliver once and asked for some more !!! Shock horror. I am not greedy so I put a line through that. You get the picture. The list went down to about 6 items to be sorted out.

I felt so empowered after doing that but …… I have to keep a check on myself to make sure the old beliefs are not surfacing again and influencing me. It is called mindfulness. Yep I have to keep in the moment and engage all the senses and listen to the self talk.

I look at myself in the mirror and proclaim to myself ( I have to be big and bold about this) I AM FABULOUS. I AM SMART etc etc  – no I don’t say etc etc.

The other thing to keep in mind, this is all about you and what you think, not what was programmed into you. Have FUN with it and do not use this as a way of beating yourself up !!! A bit of compassion can go a long way.

In saying all of this, there are some – how can I say this – not so nice attributes I have, that I am content to keep. After all I am no saint !!! But it’s good to accept the not so good things about me, like not being able to suffer fools easily (I don’t watch the news much now – politicians !!!), or I drink too much coffee and I do like sweet things. But it’s all about balances, isn’t it! I prefer to believe and know that I am whole.

Remember you are fabulous too.



The Spirit Spoke…

OMG – this is so powerful. Love it and thank you.
Love and Light

Agony of Love


The Spirit spoke to the Gardener.
The Gardener planted the seed.
The Seed grew into a garden.
The Garden blossomed in her heart.

The Spirit spoke to her heart.
The Heart became hopeful.
The Hope propelled her forward.
The Mighty Hand guided her path.

The Spirit spoke to the Angels.
The Angels watch over her.
The Love she feels is needed.
The Needs she has are filled.

The Spirit spoke to the Soldiers.
The Soldiers fight for her freedom.
The Blessings pour out of the heavens.
The Freedom she seeks is finally possible.


Image source: Digital Art Moylom Enterprises
Contents compiled: November 10 2016
Originally published: November 10 2016
Copyright © 2016 Moylom Enterprises

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How Hungry Are You ?


Like a lot of other people I have read about the Law of Attraction and how it works. I have the dream boards, the affirmations etc etc. I have devoured YouTube films from Abraham Hicks – you get the picture.

My whole being is open to the wisdom of the universe. I know that, for me, the wisdom can come in a variety of ways. It could be a song on the car radio, a random comment from a friend or an idea pops up when I am otherwise distracted (the mind is distracted). I immediately know it’s something I need to pay attention to because it resonates with me. In other words it clicks with me.

So last night watching TV,  the comment ‘She won because she was hungry for it’ rang a very loud bell in my head.

I mulled that over for a moment. Yep that can be what pushes a dream into a physical reality. The universe responds to how hungry I really am for whatever I have requested. If I am wishy washy – well, it would be nice, but I am ok if it doesn’t turn up – guess what. It doesn’t turn up or if it does, then it’s wishy washy.

That has happened to me so often so thank you, Inner Guide, for the lesson. I also know that the energy I bring to the desire counts. No begging or despair but a gentle but firm request made from the heart, knowing that it’s on its way – or something better.

Last piece of guidance from within – now you have asked, stand back and let it happen.

Have a good day everyone.